Dirty socks don’t belong there

Oh where to start….My husband, a grown man of 48, still has moments of being 9 years old. I often wonder how he has survived this long then I remember he really didn’t live until he had me training him 😉 Dirty socks never go on the bathroom counter. Everyone knows this but I found myself saying those words to myself last night. Is it that I am just so picky and dirty socks do go on the bathroom counter or is it that my husband really thinks this is a good idea? Does he have a completely different concept … Continue reading Dirty socks don’t belong there

Learning from LuLu

LuLu, my three year old Shihtzu, is very quiet and loving. She seems bored most of the time with life. Stay-at-home dogs don’t spend lots of time doing things other than sleeping. Occasionally I take her to run errands with me or to work. This morning after the ear wax experience I decided to treat LuLu to a day at the office. LuLu lives for car rides and cookies so I thought why not let her live a little today. LuLu pokes her head out of the window and waits for the wind to start blowing her hair back like … Continue reading Learning from LuLu

Waking up to wax in your ear

I have been married to the most perfect man for sixteen years. Ok, almost perfect. Well, perfect to me, almost. He snores and I don’t mean the deep breathing that is so cute when you first start having sleep overs. I mean the loud rattling your brain and you dream of shoving a pillow down his throat kind. Yes, I do have anger issues when I am awakened for absolutely no reason at all. I am a woman and mother so sleep doesn’t come easy. I started wearing ear plugs 15 years ago to help me not suffocate my nearly … Continue reading Waking up to wax in your ear